Newbury Channel Television Workshops

Due to COVID-19 these workshops are not currently being offered. We hope to resume these educational workshops as soon as possible, but in the interest of everyone's safety, we will wait until our local, state, and federal officials determine that it is safe to do so. 

We encourage Newbury residents to get familiar with what’s involved in bringing video productions to our Newbury Channel. 

The cameras and associated equipment are fairly easy to understand and use. With this new knowledge you can create your own programs/films to submit to us for broadcasting or you can assist the Town in recording Board/Committee Meetings and local events to be aired on our Comcast Channels, Video On-Demand ( and the Internet. 

Our Workshops are listed below and are held at our Municipal Town Offices at 12 Kent Way. Class size is limited; please register via email to

Workshop 101

Basic Production

Learn the basics of using camera equipment and shooting a video using in-house available equipment. In this two-hour workshop, students will learn how to set up a tripod, operate a camera and attach any associated equipment, such as standing microphones, shotgun microphones, lapel microphones. You’ll then learn how to test the equipment before going live with an event, and then conduct some dry-runs of videos. 

This is open to Newbury Residents and successful completion entitles attendees to sign out a camera/equipment to produce a video for the Town’s Public Access productions.

Workshop 102

Introduction to Board/Committee Meeting Production

Learn how to both record and to live cablecast the Town of Newbury Board/Committee Meetings. This two-hour workshop will introduce you to our Hearing Room cameras, stand-alone cameras, multiple microphones and setup for meeting production. Workshop 102 provides a number of advantages; learning new technology, gaining an understanding of town government, and assisting the Town in bringing these meetings to our various medians to help residents stay informed. 


This is open to Newbury Residents and successful completion entitles attendees to direct the production of board/committee meetings. 

Pre-requisite: Successful Completion of Workshop 101. 

Workshop 103

Local Event Production Fundamentals

In this workshop, you will learn how to record events at the Newbury Town Library Meeting Room where we will introduce you to our more sophisticated cameras, sound/microphones, lighting and how to focus on the guest speakers. Local Events held at the Library are typically hosted by the 

Library itself or by the Council on Aging, where they can offer a variety of events and presenters on various subjects and/or entertainment. There is typically audience for these events, and our presence enables these town departments to bring information to those who are otherwise unable to participate. 


This is open to Newbury Residents and successful completion entitles attendees to record authorized events at the library.

Pre-requisite: Successful Completion of Workshop 102.